Coast Riders Day Ride Schedule 2021

Important Notice - COVID-19, Easing Restrictions

With the latest announcement of easing restrictions in BC we've decided to start our group rides again starting Sunday May 30. 

Unless otherwise indicated all of our rides start at the A&W at 1355 Lougheed Hwy, Coquitlam. Be there at least 15 minutes before the ride starts so you can sign the waiver and we can get the ride organised. We're usually very prompt about leaving at the indicated time.

3 Jul  Saturday Ride - - Duffy Lake Loop – Counter clockwise     cancelled  (Maybe 18th?)

11 Jul   Sunday Ride - - Eastern Val / Cultus lake        9am start

18 Jul   Sunday ride - - TBD                              9am start

25 Jul     Sunday ride - - Three mountain ride              9am start

1 Aug     Sunday Ride - - Kenny’s weird world – Lyton      8am start

14 Aug Saturday Ride - - Princeton, Merritt Loop          8am start

29 Aug     Sunday Ride - - Squamish Valley ride             9am start

5 Sep     Sunday Ride - - TBD                             10am start

12 Sep     Sunday Ride - - Seaton portage                   9am start

19 Sep   Sunday Ride - - Harrison/Glen Val./Ft Langley   10am start